Game Time (Almost)

We’re so close!

Move out of our apartment [check]

Move items into storage [check]

Sell car [check]

Leave jobs [check]  (!!!)

Get vaccines, passport photos, visas, medicines, photo gear, book lodging, get health insurance…the list seems never-ending. Every time we cross something off the list I feel like we add ten more things. Oddly enough, “blowing it up” (as Mark likes to say) is a lot of work.

That being said, we’ve accomplished a lot since our last post. Mark has gone down the rabbit hole that is the internet and found us some great deals in some great places. We’ll be staying in a funky library hotel, an ocean-front resort, a quaint guesthouse, a junker ship and a fancy hotel in Bangkok. You know you are truly an adult when you are elated about using hotel points. It feels so good!

Get ready Instagram, because this is the awesome resort he found in Koh Samui:

This could be us but…oh wait, it will be!

I do have to give Mark all the credit, his open tabs are permanently set to Google Drive, TripAdvisor,, Skyscanner, (what? yes it’s real, he’s gone that far) and tons of other sites. We aren’t staying in hostels, which was even a surprise to us since hotels are pretty affordable in Southeast Asia. Also, we know we’ll have to cut corners when it comes to food and activities. So I’ve been practicing; “No, I don’t want the $5 pad thai, I want the $2 pad thai.”

I’m excited to see my parents, I miss them dearly. We’re excited about the elephant sanctuary, the food tours, the night markets, the cruise down the Mekong, the wats…everything really. Most of all, we’re excited to breath easy. No deadlines, no work, no emails, just us seeing the world. Mark keeps talking about not being able to remember what day of the week it is … I think that’s a precursor to a larger issue for him, but for now, seems a lovely goal.

Thank you hotel points!

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